Letter from Masanjia


I'm really excited to share a film I was fortunate enough to be a part of - the telling of a story that changed history.

To expose the brutality of the Chinese regime, Sun Yi decided to secretly capture and document his past, and personal life in Letter from Masanjia. This film tells a powerful story, starting with a SOS letter written by Sun Yi himself, from inside a notorious labor camp. The film is an official Hot Docs selection!

Trailer out now. Check it out.


- NEW WORK - Don't Ask Me MV

Heres some new work that I've shot recently. Shot on a RED Dragon mounted with Zeiss Zp.2 for the weight factor more than anything. This was a extremely small crew, a lot of run and gun performance work. A lot of handheld pieces mixed with dutch angle specialty shots. Any questions regarding the look and how I achieved it please feel free to ask.

Here are some links that you should definitely take a look at.…/premiere-maka-releases-video…/

"Don't Ask Me" [VIDEO LINK]
prod. Hughse (Ian Hughes)
Dir: Antony Packer

DOP:Marcus Fung

Moxie EP
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